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Online support group: btr.org/support-group Subscribe to the podcast: btr.org/podcast When men sexually abuse their wives, they are rarely held accoun...

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Смотреть порно фильм: When Husbands Sexually Abuse Their Wives

Online support group: btr.org/support-group
Subscribe to the podcast: btr.org/podcast

When men sexually abuse their wives, they are rarely held accountable by therapists, clergy, and family – let alone the law.

Sexual abuse is a serious crime and victims suffer devastating trauma as a result of their abuser’s choices. But women can heal and find peace again with support, safety, and self-care.

Sandy, an incredibly courageous member of the Betrayal Trauma Recovery community shares her story of intense and traumatizing sexual betrayal and rape, and how she came to identify it as abuse. Read the full transcript below and tune in to the free BTR podcast for more.

How Do Men Sexually Abuse Their Wives?
Marital sexual abuse follows a wide spectrum and includes both covert and overt abusive behaviors, including physical battering. Men sexually abuse their wives by:
- Coercing/forcing/manipulating partners into sexual behaviors that they are not comfortable with or have previously said no to
- Voyeurism of any kind, on any level
- Coercing/forcing/manipulating partners into viewing pornographic material
- Physically harming a partner’s sexual body parts
- Sharing/posting photos (explicit or otherwise) of partners on any platform
- Physically forcing partners into sexual contact
- Coercing/manipulating/threatening partners into sexual contact
- Commencing sexual contact without consent
- Commencing sexual contact without disclosing their entire sexual history to partner

When Men Sexually Abuse Their Wives: The Consequences Women Face
As Sandy explains,
I don’t even know how to describe [the pain of marital sexual abuse]. It was like horror. [It] can knock the wind out of you and just make your spirit and soul just torn apart.Sandy, member of the Betrayal Trauma Recovery community

Women who are sexually abused by their partners experience a wide range of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma, including:
- Pelvic and sexual pain
- Nightmares/sleep disturbance/sleep disorders
- Panic attacks
- Depression
- Faith crisis regarding religious beliefs
- Undernourishment
- Paranoia, social anxiety
- Self-loathing
- Fear of men
- Loss of sense of self (dissociation)
- Feelings of inadequacy/unworthiness

Can Victims of Marital Sexual Abuse Heal?
When men sexually abuse their wives, they are setting them up for an uphill battle that will likely take a significant amount of time. Women can heal, but it takes support, self-care, and most importantly, safety.

To begin healing from marital sexual abuse, women can:
- Become educated about abuse and trauma
- Participate in the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group
- Seek one-on-one coaching to process and begin healing from the abuse
- Establish daily self-care routines
- Courageously set boundaries that separate themselves from abusive behavior
- Press charges against their abuser by reporting the abuse

"I want women to know that that sense of, I can’t report this or I shouldn’t report this for some reason, is usually the abuse talking. It’s not justice speaking, (generally speaking). Most women, once they get past the trauma and they are feeling better, really regret not reporting back in the day."
Anne Blythe, founder of Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Supports Victims of Sexual Abuse
At BTR, we understand the horror, grief, and fear that come with marital sexual abuse. We mourn with victims who have suffered so deeply at the hands of their husband or partner.

The Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group meets daily in multiple time zones to offer victims a safe space to process trauma, ask questions, and connect with other victims who get it. Join today and begin your healing from marital sexual abuse.

Face the lies, porn use, infidelity, emotional abuse, narcissism with support & confidence at btr.org.

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