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Смотреть порно: Understanding Relationships. Частное домашнее XXX видео онлайн, любительские sex ролики бесплатно в хорошем качестве

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My name is Ladrhyn Bexx, I am a sound healer and consciousness researcher into awareness states, I am based in the England. I am mostly based in Somer...

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Смотреть порно фильм: Understanding Relationships

My name is Ladrhyn Bexx, I am a sound healer and consciousness researcher into awareness states, I am based in the England.

I am mostly based in Somerset at our purpose-built residential retreat center for Trance Mediumship, Physical Mediumship and healing at::
Parsonage Side Retreat, approx 40mins from Glastonbury.

For more information on upcoming events, workshops and retreats including news and articles on consciousness as well as buying gongs and light machines, you can find these at my website:


Now is the time to connect with a community of professionals in the field of consciousness and research into altered states. Interested in a light machine for your own personal or professional practice? or to simply connect with a supportive growing community across the globe?

I use the RX1 Light machine by roXiva:


My facebook group on: Eco Living & Natural Building with earthship and Cob Houses Europe


I have an array of focused interests and areas of study which i want to share with you. My experience and knowledge in the field of conscioussness is over 20 years. For my professional papers I have qualfications from earliest date to present:

Paranormal Investigation
Reiki master
Psychology of Altered States of Awareness
Astral Dynamics
The Healers International Network
NVQ Level 3 – Health & Social Care Adults
Yoga & Meditation
Light Attendant via Lucia No.3
Anatomy & Physiology level 3
Body Massage Practitioner & Warm Bamboo massage
Quantum Touch level 1
The Monroe Institute - Excursion 1
The Monroe Institute – Graduate of Gateway Voyage
The Monroe Institute – Remote Viewing Graduate with Joe McMoneagle
Seichem Master
Hot Stone Massage Practitioner
Sports therapy Massage
PandoraStar LTD training
Resonate Sound Healing
Full Bus Licence
NCFE Level 2 – Health & Safety
NCFE Level 2 - Customer Service
NCFE Level 2 – Understanding health & Nutrition
Epilepsy Awareness
Insomnia Sleep Practitioner
Corporate Wellness

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Background music mixed from sources via pixabay

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