Смотреть порно: Sex, Dating and Hook Ups Panel @ Sugar & Spice www.SugarandSpice.asia. Частное домашнее XXX видео онлайн, любительские sex ролики бесплатно в хорошем качестве

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This Sex, Dating and Hook Ups panel was moderated by Si Ying as part of Sugar and Spice virtual sexuality festival Nov 17 - 24, 2020 http://www.sugara...

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Смотреть порно фильм: Sex, Dating and Hook Ups Panel @ Sugar & Spice www.SugarandSpice.asia

This Sex, Dating and Hook Ups panel was moderated by Si Ying as part of Sugar and Spice virtual sexuality festival Nov 17 - 24, 2020 http://www.sugarandspice.asia

Sex, Dating and Hook Ups
Moderator: Si Ying (Singapore)
Janice Leong (Singapore)
Samuel (Singapore)
Jasmine King (Malaysia)
Marissa Trew (Singapore)

About Si Ying
Si Ying is a part-time social work student in her last semester looking to make a transition from the private sector to research and advocacy work in the social or public service sector. On the sidelines, she enjoys reading social commentaries, non-fic on the demise of capitalism & tech and gender & sexuality, dystopian tales, and has a budding podcast called “Offbeat Perspectives” which attempts to explore society & culture topics we don’t usually talk about over the dining table with family and friends.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/siyinglah/
Podcast: https://anchor.fm/offbeatperspectives

About Janice Leong
Janiqueel loves. She loves to dine, to drink, to travel, to primp, to rave, and to revel. She celebrates her life and believes in loving without boundaries, polyamorously. This philosophy informs her stylish lifestyle blog – janiqueel.com. Here, she highlights new products and services in Singapore and beyond through bouncy writing and vibrant graphics. Her premier subject, model, charmer, and squeeze is her toddling son known affectionately to readers as “Mr C”. Website: http://www.janiqueel.com

About Samuel
A philosopher by nature, Samuel will be giving some insight into the pros and cons of Hookup culture, sharing his experience and addressing some of the misconceptions some people might have regarding this highly controversial social lifestyle.

About Jasmine King
Jasmine King is a Sex Positive Advocate from Malaysia and runs an online platform called Ohheymissking where she educates, break taboos and spark conversations on dating and sexual health. As a teenager, although she has found sex education through the Internet via informative websites and YouTube videos, she realized that there weren’t any Asian sex educators at that time; someone whom she can relate to and who understood the cultures and sensitivities surrounding the topic. Knowing this inspired her to start her own platform and the exciting journey into the world sexual health!


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