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Every Time Twilight Made You CRINGE During The Movies! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Things The Twilight Saga was a cultural phenomenon, with ...

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Смотреть порно фильм: 20 Twilight Scenes That Are Beyond Cringey

Every Time Twilight Made You CRINGE During The Movies!
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The Twilight Saga was a cultural phenomenon, with everyone debating whether it was better to be Team Edward or Team Jacob. But rewatching the series as an adult highlights the series’ cringiest moments, which include everything from Edward watching Bella sleep to Jacob’s unwillingness to take no for an answer. There’s also the awkward fact that everyone thought the Cullens were teenagers but their adoptive parents just let them date each other, and all the “my teenage daughter is dating a vampire” weirdness that poor Charlie Swan had to put up with. And let’s not forget that vampires sparkle in the daylight, have a strange obsession with baseball, and that iconic moment Bella went off on Jacob for nicknaming Renesmee after the Loch Ness monster.

Behind the scene didn’t get much less awkward than what we saw on screen. Taylor Lautner had to wear a motion capture suite to play a werewolf, Mackenzie Foy’s face was superimposed on a bunch of babies using CGI to capture Nessie’s quick growth, and Robert Pattinson admits he couldn’t take that tent scene in “Eclipse” seriously. Some scenes we also have trouble taking seriously are when Edward pulls off his shirt to sacrifice himself in “New Moon” and that awkward “Breaking Dawn” wedding dance between Bella and Jacob. So, whether it’s Kristen Stewart’s priceless facial expressions, Edward’s obsession with how Bella smells, or the bed they absolutely destroyed on their honeymoon, here are the most awkward moments from all five movies in the Twilight Saga.

1. What's that smell?
2. All in the family
3. Sparkling red flags
4. The first kiss
5. I’ll be watching you
6. The whole baseball scene
7. Bottom’s up
8. Edward, don’t go!
9. Charlie Swan
10. Three’s a crowd
11. All that glitters
12. No means no
13. Who’s hotter?
14. That marriage slip-up
15. The ex at the wedding
16. Broken beds
17. Those bruises
18. Bella and the baby
19. The loch ness monster
20. CGI Renesmee

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Written by: Courtney Hayes
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Edited by: Maite M.

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