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Snakes, no matter how large, are feared by most people. However, there are a few snake species that can reach enormous sizes. The longest of them, pyt...

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Смотреть порно фильм: 15 Biggest Snakes Ever Discovered

Snakes, no matter how large, are feared by most people. However, there are a few snake species that can reach enormous sizes. The longest of them, pythons, can reach lengths much beyond George Washington's 21-foot nose on Mount Rushmore, with some examples reaching 33 feet, or nearly as long as a telephone pole. How big do you think a Boa Constrictor is? Have you ever heard of the amethystine python? If you want to see monster snakes it’s time, because we are counting down the 15 biggest snakes ever discovered.

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Yellow Anaconda

The yellow anaconda is smaller than the green anaconda, but it's still a big snake, measuring between 10.8 – 14.4 ft. Females are considerably larger than males, reaching a maximum length of 15.1 feet. They typically weigh 55 to 77 pounds, though animals weighing more than 121 pounds have been seen when food is plentiful. To aid in concealment, they have a base hue of yellow that ranges from golden to greenish, with markings of black or dark brown in random splotches. Because the snake is semi-aquatic, its face is distinct from that of other species, resembling that of a frog.

To make hunting along the covered banks of slow-running rivers easier, their eyes and nostrils are centered more on the top of their heads. In wetland areas, the yellow anaconda forages primarily in shallow water. Predation is most common between June and November when the floods have abated, and wading birds are the most prevalent prey. They are generalist feeders who use both ambush predation and wide-foraging methods, according to observations and study of the gut and waste contents from regularly flooded regions in the Pantanal region of southwestern Brazil.

Black Mamba

The black mamba is Africa's longest venomous snake and the world's second-longest. The longest mamba ever recorded was 14.6 feet, however, they are most usually 8 to 10 feet long. In terms of nastiness, the black mamba has several advantages. It hunts both on the ground and in trees, so being stuck in the eye is always a possibility. Its venom contains a cocktail of neurotoxins that can cause severe symptoms in as little as 10 minutes and be lethal in as little as 20 minutes. It's a sprinter, capable of speeds of up to 12 miles per hour.

It's a nervous snake that becomes aggressive when threatened. It is commonly regarded as the world's deadliest snake because of these factors. Despite this, many sources claim it's a shy snake that will avoid you until it feels threatened. Personally, I am not convinced. If you don't believe it is threatened, but the snake decides it is, guesses whose opinion is more important.

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